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· Alpacas were domesticated over 6,000 years ago.
· Alpacas are members of the “Camelid” family which includes camels, llamas, vicuna, and guanaco.
· Alpacas do not have upper teeth.
· Alpaca fleece is warmer than wool, hypo-allergenic and almost completely waterproof.
· The average life span of an alpaca is 15 to 20 years.
· Alpacas deposit droppings in a few communal places.
· Alpaca Poo is one of the best fertilizers.
· The hair of an alpaca is called fleece and has 22 natural shades.
· Alpacas are shorn annually.
· Alpacas spit when distressed or threatened.
· Alpacas “hum” as a way of communicating.
· A baby alpaca is called a cria.
· Alpacas will “sunbathe”, laying on their back or side.